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Here Are The Areas Where Our
Done-For-You Services
Can Help You Right Now:

  • Direct Response Marketing Campaigns
    (Including Direct Mail)
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • List Management And List Building Strategies
  • Business Systems Development
  • Product Development
  • Teleseminar Planning And Implementation
  • Event Planning, Marketing And Management

Are there areas of your business that you neglect because you run out of time? 

Do you have great staff who get a lot done, but don’t understand the marketing strategies you’re trying to employ?  Does that slow you down?

 Do you just need some help filling in the gaps of your business from people who have and insiders understand of the Information Marketing?

You’re interested in results.  Results bring profits! 
Results are what we’re all about.

 It doesn’t matter if you’re in a service business, a consultant, a coach, an Information Marketer, or an Internet Marketer you’re in business for one reason and one reason only.  You’re in business to make as much money as you can, as fast as you can. 

 We’d like to show you how you can easily double your profits in your business, not by adding more work, more projects, or more staff, but by doing what you’re already doing – just doing it better. 

 Learn what 77.4% of marketers don’t know and will never find out about building their businesses and taking them to the next level.

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“WOW! I Was Blown Away!”

I love Diane Conklin! I am a HUGE fan of hers! I recently had the opportunity to speak at a recent seminar that Diane organized and facilitated. WOW! I was blown away by her total control of every aspect of the event! Her attention to detail was superb! She was so easy to work with, so proficient and professional! Diane has the ability to make everyone (including me) look VERY good!

The event was outstanding! It appeared to be an extremely profitable seminar in every way. The event promoter was a masterful speaker and seminar promoter, and to have Diane behind the scenes “making it all go off like clockwork” was profoundly impressive!

Tim Paulson
Pleasant Grove, UT

“Diane Will Add Thousands, Even Tens of Thousands,
of Dollars to the Bottom Line Profit.”

I was impressed with Diane Conklin the first time I met her and my respect for her knowledge and skills in marketing grows every time I have the privilege of talking to or spending time with her.

The powerful, simple systems I learned from Diane helped me completely revamp the strategies I was using to promote and put on my own seminars and live events. Her methods are straightforward, easy to implement, and massively profitable.

Whether you’re a first time event promoter or aseasoned veteran who’s been doing events for more than 10 years, the tips and secrets you’ll learn from Diane will add thousands, eventens of thousands of dollars to the bottom lineprofit of every event you do from now on.

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero
Van Nuys, CA

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